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January 28, 2016

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The Big Game 2016

We can't wait for February 7th, 2016. S*p*r B*wl Sunday. Sorry, we can't actually say those words unless we're an official sponsor, and we're not. We're, however, the official sponsor of your house party, or we should be. Use our chargers with integrated cables to charge comfortably from the couch and watch the game. Tell us who you think will win the Big Game and you're automatically entered to win a myCharge RazorPlus (we're giving away 120)! 

Let's get to the stuff that matters: food to please your guests. Here's our analysis of what your football menu should include. 

  • Traditionalist: Chicken wings. A classic football food, not to be overlooked. 



  • Health Nut: Chocolate covered strawberries. Kind of healthy, really tasty.


    December 02, 2015

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    The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is staying charged to avoid the dead phone fear!

    Buddy isn't the only one that can spread Christmas Cheer, we're spreading Christmas Cheer by giving away 100 Red RazorPlus portable chargers. While elves stick to four food groups, your phone should stick to one type of a powerbank: myCharge. Enter now for the chance to a bright, shiny, red package delivered straight to your door.

    myCharge Cheer

    October 26, 2015

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    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween! We’ve been getting pretty charged up about costumes this year! Everything from wrecking balls to Ron Burgundies, but what we’re really pumped about this year are the gadget and gizmo costumes! Check out our favorite costumes of 2015, and if you’ve got a great costume this year, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

    What better way to score points all night than to go to the party as an original Game Boy? This guy took gaming to a whole new level. Hope he didn’t forget an extra battery pack—Tetris is such a drain! 

    Are you the friend that’s always taking pictures? Snap photos for Instagram with an intense camera costume.

    …Or you can just be Instragram…

    Keeping it old school this year? Check out this V-cast phone. The antenna makes a great pillow after your post-candy-binge crash. We remember the battery life on these things being pretty decent! What happened?

    More high tech? Be all the buzz this Halloween as a working iPhone. Just make sure you don’t forget your on the go charger or a lightning charger cable to keep you running.

    Prefer Android? Make sure your Android battery is amped up to party all night! 

    Don’t want the kids to have too much freedom while scouring for candy? Tie ‘em down like this clever Dad. We love that we built in cords too!

    And for someone who's feeling different, there’s always Inspector Gadget – man and gadget all in one. This guy is always prepared. Extra set of hands, inspector hat, and obviously the myCharge HubUltra.

    August 18, 2015

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    Back to School

    Back to School Blog

    Ready or not, it's time.  For school that is. We know this means supply shopping, carpool organizing and lunch packing. But also: pictures. Dreaded or highly anticipated, the back to school pics always seems to take place on the front stairs, at bus stop or the school entrance. While we want to help you charge up for the school year ahead (yes, our Amp Series is seriously smart, simple power that is great for students) we also want to see your back to school (or as we like to say: BTS) pics! We know they're probably cute but chances are there are a few awkward ones out there as well. Let's not kid ourselves. So cute, awkward or somewhere in between share your pics with us for the chance to win an AmpMax (yes an AmpMax is 6000mAh of serious power that is strong enough to power both your smartphone and your tablet at the same time) and an iPad Mini.

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    July 01, 2015

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    Fourth of July

    For the chance to win a Red or Blue myCharge RazorPlus portable charger, enter our Pinterest Contest.

    Red, white & blue, we've got the power for you! That's right. Heading to the lake, campground or cabin for the 4th? Enter to win a portable charger! Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky 400 (yes, 400) winners.
    To enter, simply:
    1. Pin at least one pin that represents a #powerfulmoment you have or want to capture to a board that collects pins representing important moments in your life. We'd love you to use the #powerfulmoment hashtag.
    2. Come here, and enter the sweepstakes by joining the mailing list!
    Check out what portable charger some of our awesome employees will use to capture their #powerfulmoment over the 4th!

    Hiep Role: Designer

    Camping. I'll be camping this 4th with some of my nephews & nieces! Since I'm not sure if I will have access to a power outlet I'll be bringing along my myCharge RazorUltra to keep everyone's phone charged. With 90 extra hours of power, the RazorUltra has enough power to last the whole weekend!


    Matt Role: Management  

    I'm taking my family on a road trip to South Carolina. My kids each have an iPod Touch. I'll be sure (well OK, my wife will be) to pack a RazorPlus for each child. The ultra-slim powerbanks are perfect for powering their devices!


    Danielle Role: Marketing

    I'm heading to Northern Michigan with a group of friends to do some boating and hang by the lake! Being out on the boat all day will certainly drain my phone's battery, so I'll be sure to bring along my white AmpProng. With built-in plugs it is one of my favorite powerbanks!