Charge It Forward

We've launched Charge it Forward, a campaign unlike anything you've seen before. 

Our bags are packed and our chargers are ready! We're taking on the country for Charge it Forward. Attending events this summer and fall and bringing power to awesome people along the way. See you there! 

What is this exactly?

We've decided to bring power to the people, literally. We give you power and intend for you to use it and pass it on. Hello, good karma points. (Plus, we'll give you an AWESOME discount for a charger to purchase for yourself).

charge it forward instructions

Where can I find you?

Check out what events we'll be at on the map below. Simply click on the event name and link the event pages. On each event page, you can join a team and enter to win $1000 - need not be present at an event to win! 

Belmont Stakes - BlogUCE Week - Rock the GardenSummerfest 
Beats Run - Brickyard - Hood to Coast - College Football Games

charge it forward event cities


Final Event - The Valero Alamo Bowl

Valero Alamo Bowl


I received a charger at an event, now what?

Click the event link where you received the charger (the links above the map) to enter to win $1000. And pass the charger on after you use it. Remember, karma points! 

If I can't attend an event, how do I enter?

If you can't make it to an event, don't worry! Simply text "TeamCharge" to 95577 and follow the prompt to enter.

Am I a winner? Winner's Circle: 

If you see your name and zip code below, please email with your full name (we must confirm your last name) and shipping address. 

$1000 Grand Prize Winner

Susan P. 33026


HubMax Winners

Brittany D. 30228 - Melisa F. L. 74848 - Jeanne M. 53235

Maritza T. 11209 - Dawago 94110 - Rachel G. 48043

Alyssa K. 53221 - Monique C. 95687 - Nicole L. 13815

Bridget C. 46901 - Melissa H. L. 80227 - Edmund S. 12414

Jennifer M. 73533 - Dwayne C. 92325 - Amanda S. 42754

Karen S. 10454



Here we are, charging it forward!