myCharge Freedom Case for iPhone 5 Offers True Mobile Freedom...Even for "i-Droppers"


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New Protective Charging Case Offers True Mobile Freedom…Even for “i-­‐Droppers”


BIRMINGHAM, Mich., June, 2013 — Your iPhone is your mobile office, digital camera, web browser, entertainment system, and your lifeline. Its protection is paramount and making sure it stays charged is key. myCharge, the developer of on-­‐the-­‐go portable power solutions, has created a true all-­‐in-­‐one solution for the iPhone 5 user.

Introducing the myCharge Freedom™ Power Case for iPhone 5 ($79.99)— a case with a built-­‐in 2000 mAh battery that doubles the life of your iPhone 5. The myCharge Freedom Power Case offers 33% more power at the price of current competitors. The myCharge Freedom Power Case was designed with true mobile freedom in mind:

True Freedom: The myCharge Freedom uses a proprietary charging cable that discreetly tucks away when you’re done charging. Best of all, this revolutionary design affords complete access to the bottom of your iPhone, including the headphone jack. No headphone extenders, no problems syncing or docking or using your speakerphone, just complete Freedom to use your iPhone as you want.

The 2000 mAh myCharge Freedom Power Case for iPhone 5 adds:

• 9+ hours of talk time on 3G
• 7+ hours of browsing on 3G, 10+ on WiFi
• 44+ hours of audio playback
• 11+ hours of video playback

4-­‐Way Protection: The myCharge Freedom Power Case features a high-­‐density foam interior, rubber sidewalls, a hard exterior shell, and protective raised corners. The revolutionary one-­‐piece protective charging case is designed for easy on and off and, unlike competitors, mirrors the size of your iPhone 5.

In early 2013, the myCharge Freedom Power Case was submitted to the National Analysis Center (NAC), the leading industry testing center used by the major US carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-­‐Mobile and Sprint) that puts smartphones, charging cases, portable chargers and other wireless products through an array of tests to meet quality standards. Standard drop testing for cases is 36-­‐inches off a hard wood surface, 30 times on all facings (front, back, top,
bottom, sides).

Not only did the myCharge Freedom Power Case pass with flying colors, but it also passed the “Extreme” drop testing from 48-­‐inches! This puts the myCharge Freedom Power Case in a class by itself compared to other charging cases currently available—delivering power when you need it and providing ultimate protection for your phone.

Rapid Recharge: The new myCharge Freedom Power Case uses rapid recharge to charge your iPhone 5 quickly and efficiently. Using the included micro USB cable, you can recharge your phone while you recharge your case with easy pass-­‐through charging. The power button located on the back doubles as the case’s battery-­‐life indicator: Green, Yellow, Red and flashing Red correspond to high, medium, low and less than 10% power remaining.

Style: Case-­‐seekers are often forced to sacrifice style for battery life, with most charging cases having a rubberized exterior, available in only a limited number of colors. The myCharge Freedom Power Case will be offered in limited edition cases available in different colors, textures, and finishes at select Best Buy retail locations as well as

The myCharge Freedom Power Case is available at retailers including Best Buy, T-­‐Mobile and as well as

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