Product details

  • All-in-one portable charger
  • Built-in iPhone and USB-C charging cables
  • Built-in wall plug that functions as wall adaptor
Eco-Friendly Mission

Each year, 10’s of millions of charging cables and power supplies are thrown into the garbage; thus, the reason why retailers ranging from gas stations to airport stores are able to resell the same accessories over and over.

Most of the models that we develop at myCharge have built-in accessories which eliminates needly e-waste. Eco is in the product’s very DNA. Walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

At myCharge we’ve eliminated all plastics from our packaging – down to the hangtag and sealing label.


One (1) Year Limited Warranty against defects in electronics or material. Learn more

All-in-One Powerhouse, Pack Light, Charge Everything

With built-in Lightning and USB-C cables, and an additional USB port, you can charge a variety of devices

Ditch the Cables, Charge Freely

Leave your tangled mess of cables at home! The Hub features built-in Lightning and USB-C cables, so you can charge your iPhone or Android device directly.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Can I charge two devices at once?

Yes! The Hub features built-in Lightning and USB-C cables, and an additional USB port, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously.

How many devices can I charge with the Hub?

With its built-in cables and USB port, the Hub can charge up to three devices at once.

Does the Hub come with a plug for recharging itself?

No, you won't need one! The built-in wall prongs fold out from the power bank itself, allowing you to recharge it directly from any wall outlet.

Will the built-in cables work with my device?

The Hub features a built-in Lightning cable for iPhones and other Apple devices, and a built-in USB-C cable for Android devices and other USB-C compatible devices.

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