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Solar Charger. +43 Hours of Battery Life. Also recharge via USB.

  • Portable charger & solar panels in one
  • Portable charger easily separates from panels for convenience
  • Fabric wallet
  • High powered LED flashlight with SOS function

Rechargeable 8000mAh internal portable charger & solar charger

This portable charger powerbank features fold-out solar panels designed to recharge your cell phone and USB devices in the wild or while camping. This rugged outdoor charger provides 8000mAh internal battery of shared output to 2 USB-A ports helping to keep you on the grid while you are off the grid. Powerbank has a built-in flashlight with SOS function. The compact wallet design makes this the perfect way to power your camp out or hike.

  • Battery Capacity: 8000mAh internal battery
  • Recharges Via: Sun or micro-USB cable
  • Compatibility: Tablets & Smartphones  
  • Included: Recharge cable