Happy Halloween! We’ve been getting pretty charged up about costumes this year! Everything from wrecking balls to Ron Burgundies, but what we’re really pumped about this year are the gadget and gizmo costumes! Check out our favorite costumes of 2015, and if you’ve got a great costume this year, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

What better way to score points all night than to go to the party as an original Game Boy? This guy took gaming to a whole new level. Hope he didn’t forget an extra battery pack—Tetris is such a drain!

Are you the friend that’s always taking pictures? Snap photos for Instagram with an intense camera costume.

…Or you can just be Instragram…

Keeping it old school this year? Check out this V-cast phone. The antenna makes a great pillow after your post-candy-binge crash. We remember the battery life on these things being pretty decent! What happened?

More high tech? Be all the buzz this Halloween as a working iPhone. Just make sure you don’t forget your on the go charger or a lightning charger cable to keep you running.

Prefer Android? Make sure your Android battery is amped up to party all night!

Don’t want the kids to have too much freedom while scouring for candy? Tie ‘em down like this clever Dad. We love that we built in cords too!

And for someone who's feeling different, there’s always Inspector Gadget – man and gadget all in one. This guy is always prepared. Extra set of hands, inspector hat, and obviously the myCharge HubUltra.

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