Product details

  • Built-In USB-C Cable
  • Built-In USB-C Port
  • USB-C devices plug directly into the power pack
  • 10,000 mAh Internal Battery giving your device up to +108 hours
  • Share power with up to 2 devices at once using the built in USB C Cable
  • Additional USB-C Port to use device specific cords.
Eco-Friendly Mission

Each year, 10’s of millions of charging cables and power supplies are thrown into the garbage; thus, the reason why retailers ranging from gas stations to airport stores are able to resell the same accessories over and over.

Most of the models that we develop at myCharge have built-in accessories which eliminates needly e-waste. Eco is in the product’s very DNA. Walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

At myCharge we’ve eliminated all plastics from our packaging – down to the hangtag and sealing label.


One (1) Year Limited Warranty against defects in electronics or material. Learn more

All-Day Power for Non-Stop Fun

The Amp 20k packs a serious punch with its massive 10,000mAh internal battery. This translates to up to 108 extra hours of life for your smartphone.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Does the built-in cable work with my iPhone 15?

Absolutely! The built-in cable is a USB-C connector, which is perfectly compatible with iPhone 15 models and other USB-C devices.

Can I charge two devices at once?

Yes! The Amp 20k features both a built-in USB-C cable and an additional USB-C port, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously.

How many extra hours of charge can I expect for my phone?

The 10,000mAh capacity of the Amp 20k can provide up to 108 extra hours of life for your smartphone. However, the exact number of charges will depend on the specific battery capacity of your device.

Does the Amp 20k come with a charging cable?

No, you won't need one! The built-in USB-C cable eliminates the need for a separate charging cable for compatible devices.

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